What are your areas of expertise?

Typical services provided by OnlineComputerRepair.com include, but are not limited to:

  • regular computer maintenance
  • computer protection (virus scanner install)
  • removal of malware
  • removal of viruses
  • removal of trojans
  • optimization
  • software assistance
  • blue screen
  • slow start up
  • random shutdowns
  • error codes
  • setting up and troubleshooting peripherals like scanners and printers
  • Don't see your issue: Call (866) 932-4768 or chat with us to see if we can assist

    Basically we can handle any issue with your computer remotely except for a hardware failure, which is rare.

What software do you use?

LogMeIn Rescue

What are the advantages?

Online computer repair is the best way to get your computer the help it needs right away! No wasting gas taking your computer in to a repair facility and no time waiting for a technician to return your call or come to your home/office. We are available for you on your schedule whether it is 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning!

OnlineComputerRepair.com is also the best solution when it comes to protecting your private information. When your computer is left in a store you have no idea what is being looked at but with
OnlineComputerRepair.com we only see what you see while we repair your computer right before your eyes!  Beware of those companies that can black out your screen while 'repairing' your computer. 

This type of technology is fast becoming the preferred method of repair for home and business computer users.

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